When Your Cat Interrupts Your Exercise Videos… And Wins🙄

Our cat, “He Who Must Be Obeyed”, will do whatever it takes to get attention. This makes it hard to record an exercise video on the ground. He usually wins cos I love him to bits.

Sebas (his real name) is a funny cat. We adopted him at a cat refuge in Barcelona, but we think he must have been raised with dogs because he thinks he’s a dog. We go on a daily walk with his lead and harness (He’s not afraid of cars and walks straight in front of them so he needs to be on a lead). He loves our car and jumps in & starts purring when we say “walkies!” He follows us from room to room to always be near us.

Anyway, here’s a few cat bloopers with Sebas, taken while recording my videos for this channel.
How To Fix Forward Head Posture AND Neck Pain… https://youtu.be/VmV4IN6EJQA

How To Release Shoulder Tightness & Neck Restriction… https://youtu.be/l0O9iv1R4B8

THE Best Exercises For Scoliosis… https://youtu.be/IZUdhGPWsVE
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