Tight Shoulders, Rhomboid Pain, or Arm Pain… The 5 BEST Exercises (FOLLOW ALONG)

Here’s the 5 best exercises for shoulder tension, shoulder blade pain, nerve pain in the arm, & even bad neck posture. Do this routine after spending all day on your computer or phone, or a stressful day when your shoulders feel tight. Or even better, as a regular preventative routine.

0:00 Intro
0:22 EXERCISE 1. Towel Mobilisation
2:27 EXERCISE 2. Traction Mobilisation
4:12 EXERCISE 3. Puppy Pose Retractions
5:48 EXERCISE 4. Chin-Tucked Upper Thoracic Cat-Cow
6:54 EXERCISE 5. Lateral flexion
8:12 Advice before starting
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EXERCISE 1. Towel Mobilisation
This exercise mobilises stuck joints in the spine that can cause tight shoulders, scapular pain, arm pain, and forward head posture. Gravity helps you to release spinal joints at the base of the neck and loosen costovertebral joints. This is one of my favourite exercises.

EXERCISE 2. Traction Mobilisation
Exercise 2 lengthens the spine, opening up the joints even more, taking pressure off nerves. It feels awesome! It’s one of the best Rhomboid pain exercises, but it also reduces the joint pressure that causes a lot of shoulder stiffness.

EXERCISE 3. Puppy Pose Retractions
I combine Yoga with McKenzie Retractions for Exercise 3 to create something that works on these problems from slightly lower down. If the mid back is really rounded (think hunchback/thoracic kyphosis), the spinal joints in the upper back and base of the neck have to extend more to compensate and this is what compresses the spinal joints and nerves that cause these types of symptoms. Fixing a rounded back is crucial to help fix tight traps and upper back pain.

EXERCISE 4. Chin-Tucked Upper Thoracic Cat-Cow
Here’s another yoga variation to reduce compression in the cervico-tharacic area. If a rounded mid back and extended lower neck causes most of the irritation then the opposite (extended mid back and lengthening of the back of the neck) is what we should be doing to fix Rhomboid pain, a pinched neck nerve, text neck etc.

EXERCISE 5. Lateral flexion
The last exercise is aimed at one-sided pain in the arm, traps, or between the shoulder blade and spine. It opens the space for the spinal nerves by leaning away from the side of pressure. If the nerve pain in the arm is bad enough it can cause numbness in the fingers or finger pins and needles too. But just be aware that if the hand numbness or arm pins and needles is permanent, you should go to a professional straight away to get an MRI to make sure that you don’t have a disc protrusion causing arm pain. ESPECIALLY if you have weakness in the arm or hand.
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