The KEY To Fixing AC Joint Pain

The key to fixing a chronically painful AC joint is improving scapular position AND releasing the sternoclavicular (SC) joint! A restricted SC joint will cause the AC joint to continually restrain.

So, in this video I’m going to teach you two techniques to release your SC joint, how to adjust your sleeping habits with one trick, how to release your pec minor, and the best exercise to strengthen the muscles that hold your shoulder blade in a better position.

HOW TO FIX AC JOINT PAIN (AC joint exercises)…
0:00 Intro
0:30 Why does the AC joint hurt?
0:57 How to know if it’s your AC joint
1:21 The KEY to AC pain… the SC joint
2:24 EXERCISE: SC joint stretch
3:10 EXERCISE: SC joint alternative
3:58 How to sleep with AC joint pain
4:32 EXERCISE: Pec Minor release
5:02 Fix your Scapula position and movement
6:20 Traumatic AC joint strains

AC joint pain (Acromioclavicular joint pain) comes from hypermobility (too much movement) of the AC joint. It can come from a sprained AC joint or separated AC joint—like in bike falls—OR restriction in your SC joint that builds up over time. These exercises are better for the latter.

A lack of movement in the SC joint causes the AC joint to move too much (AC joint dysfunction). These AC joint rehab exercises not only loosen up the SC joint, they loosen the Pec Minor and improve shoulder blade muscle movement key to reducing AC joint inflammation.
Fix Your AC Joint with a Massage Gun. (This REALLY helps!)

Protect your shoulders

Fix forward head posture

How to get rid of muscle knots in your shoulders/traps.
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