The Best Massage Gun in 2022 & Why… After 2 Years Of Testing

Trying to choose a massage gun? Four factors are important: Quality, Price, Volume, and penetration depth. After 2 years of trialling several different massage guns daily at work, and asking for feedback from hundred of patients, the following massage gun came up as the best…

Which massage gun to buy? Avoid the super-cheapies ($50-70) because they rate well initially on Amazon… but then don’t last without getting very loud or breaking down. And the top end massage guns (Over $200) like the Theragun, Hyperice, Hypervolt just don’t give you the value for the price.

Aim for a mid-priced massage gun ($90-$140) with a penetration depth of 8-10mm. This depth of penetration is deep enough to do a great job with the muscles, but stay comfortable and not cause any inflammation. (This includes feedback I received from over a hundred patients.)

Some bigger bodied patients prefer 12mm, but very few preferred more. If you are sensitive, even 7mm is ok. (The Theragun is 16mm!)

My patients (I asked over 100 for their personal preference) AND I vote … the Bob & Brad C2 the best massage gun on the market for price, volume, quality, and penetration depth.
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