The BEST 20 Minute Home Back Workout (With Dumbbells)

For todays home back workout we are pulling out 2 sets of weights, a lighter and heavier set. I am using a 2lb set and a 8lbs set but you can use whatever you have available to you at home or even do the workout without weights! (the weights add an extra challenge and make your muscles grow)

Make sure to take breaks when you need, and to stay hydrated! Drinking water is also very helpful for muscle growth and keeping your muscles from cramping up

Take your time with the exercises. Some of them we haven’t done together before so don’t worry if you don’t get the form 100% the very first time!

A couple things to remember during this workout: keep your chest open and tall the entire workout (even when bending over), something that will help you open up your chest is thinking of a pencil being between your shoulder blades, and you want to keep it there. Squeeze your back muscles and keep your core engaged throughout.

Benefits of targeting your back:
– you will get stronger and your other workouts will become easier
– a wider back (with muscle) will give the illusion of an hourglass shape
– when you train your back properly, you are decreasing the chances of back injury
– you feel extremely strong and extremely satisfied *trust me on this one – you’ll see*

Workout Structure:
0:28 Warm Up:
Shoulder rolls (fwd & back)
Swinging arm cross overs to hug
Bent over swimming arms (alternating)
Pull down to shoulder external rotation
Jumping Jacks

Upright rows
Alternating bent over rows
Lateral shoulder raises
Rear delt fly
Tricep extensions
Alternating front raises
Bent over row to curl to press up
Single dumbbell halo
Straight arm press backs
Single arm clean and press (Left)
Single arm clean and press (right)
Dumbbell row to hold

15:28 Finisher
Prone upper body raise ‘pull downs’
Superman hold

16:57 Cool Down
Reach overs
Triangle pose
Downward dog
Childs pose

Workout Stats
Apple Watch Setting: Functional Strength Training
Calories Burned: 110
Level of Intensity: 7/10

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