The 5 KEYS To Improve Flat Feet (Fallen Arches) & Foot Overpronation

HOW TO FIX OVERPRONATION: Here’s 2 exercises to help fix flat feet and foot over-pronation… AND 3 key factors, you may not be aware of, that are crucial to correct foot overpronation.

0:00 Intro
0:15 The muscles you need to strengthen
0:29 EXERCISE 1. Short Foot Exercise
1:45 EXERCISE 2. Inversion
2:38 KEY 1. Footwear
3:23 KEY 2. Ankle Mobility
4:16 KEY 3. Gluteal Weakness
The video I mentioned in this video …
Check and fix your ankle mobility…

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Research on overpronation indicates that the ‘Short Foot Exercise’ is the best to reduce navicular drop (a measure of how much the inside of your foot drops down). It strengthens the small foot muscles under your feet to help support the medial longitudinal arch of the foot. But we also need to support the inverters of the feet that help lift up the middle of the foot arch–mainly Tibialis Posterior.

But if you are missing out on these 3 other key parts to the puzzle, you may very well struggle to in your endeavour to correct fallen arches or over-pronation while running…

A lot of modern footwear has a narrow toe-box and the more pushed-in your toes are, the less pronation support you have. So, wearing shoes with a wide toe box is important.

Plus, shoes with pronation support may be helpful to get some conditions like plantar fasciitis under control, but they make the muscles that support your arches weaker. So, try to wean yourself off pronation support footwear, slowly, once you get any injuries under control.

If you can’t bend your ankle enough, the foot will turn out more and pronate to compensate. This may be due to restriction in the joint itself or tight calf muscles and needs to be corrected.

Research shows that pronation exercises are more effective if coupled with gluteal strengthening exercises. Because when your glutes are strong, they externally rotate the hips, bringing the knees apart, reducing pronation pressure.
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