THE 5 BEST Carpal Tunnel Exercises. (Gamers: Do These!)

To improve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with exercises, you need to slide everything within that wrist canal (the finger flexors, the Median Nerve & the thumb flexor) through the tunnel to try to move any inflammation, cysts, or scar tissue out of that space. PLUS you need to address the four common nerve compression sites further up the arm that can add to the Median nerve’s irritation load. So, here’s the 5 best exercises to give you the quickest results.

Exercise 1: Straight fingers & thumb — move to the Claw position — then make a loose fist with your thumb over your fingers. Day 1: 5x Day 2: 10x Day 3+: 10x 3 times a day

Exercise 2: Straight fingers & thumb — move to the puppet position (with thumb forward) — then a loose fist with the last finger joints straight & the thumb back out to the side again. Day 1: 5x Day 2: 10x Day 3+: 10x 3 times a day

Exercise 3: Begin with a loose fist — then slowly extend the fingers and thumb until the wrist is extended — spread all the fingers — externally rotate the forearm — and then GENTLY push the thumb and other two fingers back for 1-2 seconds. Day 1: 3x Day 2: 5x Day 3+: 10x once a day

Exercise 4: Slowly bend the elbow, wrist and fingers and lean the head away from the arm. Then lean the neck towards the arm as you extend the elbow, wrist and fingers. Day 1: 3x Day 2: 5x Day 3+: 10x once a day

Exercise 5: Lay a towel right in at the angle of your neck, pull down on the towel with both hands, then slowly stretch the neck away from the towel. Repeat 5-10x slowly, once a day.
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