Nathaniel sees s’more popcorn being made

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The “Lord Have Mer-Say” Tour

-3.2.23 Greensboro, NC
Greensboro Comedy Zone

-3.5.23 Tampa, FL
Tampa Improv

-3.19.23 Kansas City, MO
Kansas City Improv

-4.16.23 Hartford, CT
Hartford Funny bone

-4.30.23 New York City
Broadway Comedy Club

-5.7.23 Detroit, MI
Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle

-5.28.23 Dallas, TX
Hyena’s Comedy Club

-6.6.23 Nashville, TN
Zanies Comedy Club

-6.7.23 Huntsville, AL
Stand Up Live

-6.15.23-6.17.23 Washington D.C.
The DC Comedy Loft

-9.10.23 Charlotte, NC
The Comedy Zone

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