Morphing UFO May 14, 2015 photographed by Contactee Marc Brinkerhoff

This video is about a Morphing UFO photography May 14, 2015 by ET Contactee Marc Brinkerhoff.
Thursday, May 14, 2015, I went to Central Park around 12:45 PM with my Canon T2i Rebel with a 300mm lens and binoculars to hopefully capture some UFOs. I prayed and meditated on a bench in the sun for 20 minutes and then moved to my favorite rocks where it was cooler. I played spiritual music with my cell phone as I prayed. After about an hour, I telepathically said to my ET friends, “I have to be leaving soon, so if you are going to show today, it will need to be ASAP.” I picked up my bag of equipment and moved to another spot when I heard, “Look up.” Hovering directly overhead was a glowing white object. I examined the UFO with my binoculars and then started shooting. I shot for approximately 7 minutes and captured 43 images. This animation shows 41 consecutive close-ups of the morphing UFO. You can see hands and hearts in the shapes. Here is another morphing UFO I shot on April 18, 2015 from Central Park.

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