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Cardio Kickboxing is supposed to be fun…and today it really is with this energy boosting music and the challenge of small weights.

This workout is focused on kickboxing but we also get a full 3 MILES in!!

I used very small 2lb weights during this workout, and while they’re not necessary, they really pack a burn!

When doing these exercises make sure to tighten up your abs, keep your back straight and your chest facing up. It is easy to compromise form when we get tired, so these are the three cues you need to remember to keep your form in check.

We have a couple water breaks in there, so don’t you worry! Make sure that you have a water bottle close by as well as some water, because we’re about to sweat a whole lot!

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This workout is beginner friendly as all the exercises are standing workout form, the moves are low impact, and you can even do this entire workout in a small space!

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0:00 Cardio Kickboxing Fat Burn Intro
1:35 Cardio Kickboxing for beginners Part 1
14:32 Water Break
15:31 Cardio Kickboxing for beginners Part 2
26:32 Water Break
27:29 Cardio Kickboxing for beginners part 3
41:33 You Owned It! Sweaty Selfie

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