Is THIS Why Your Forward Head Posture Isn’t Improving?

DO THIS TEST if you’ve been doing forward head posture exercises but your neck hump just doesn’t seem to be improving… a deep spinal extensor muscle test. If you have tight deep spinal extensors in the upper back and neck area and you don’t stretch them, these muscles will constantly pull the back of your head down and you’ll never be able to correct poor posture. So, in this video I show you both how to test these important muscles and how to stretch them effectively.

0:00 How To TEST Deep Spinal Extensor Muscles
0:38 How To Stretch These Extensor Muscles
1:38 Add Resistance To The Stretch
2:03 Summary
2:33 Other Important Factors To Fix Forward Head Posture

Eccentric contraction stretches are the best way to stretch tight deep spinal extensor muscles. This involves lightly resisted stretching of the muscles at the back of the neck and upper back. This can be done against a wall or even lying face up. The great thing about this posture exercise is that you can feel how much you need to do it. If it really pulls in your upper back when you do it then this is a big part of bad neck posture… but as it improves that pulling sensation will subside.
The 3 Ultimate Neck Hump Exercises… After 1 Year Of Trying EVERYTHING

How To Fix Forward Head Posture & Neck Pain

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