So I decided to try and Hydro-dip my Foam Runners that I did a review on back in the day. These are fake so I won’t be losing anything if it goes wring (which it did). Hydro-Dipping can be done in different ways however one of the most popular is using water and spray paint. The process can be done on plenty of different things with different materials. You fill up a container with water, use the spray paint (usually multiple colours) to spray the surface of the water creating a paint film on top.

Once you have sprayed a decent amount of paint in your desired pattern you then dip the item, in my case the foam runner clog down into the water which adheres the paint to the object. Hydro- dipping can create some really cool patterns which can’t really be replicated using any other method. Obviously along the way I did something or maybe multiple things wrong…

Watch the full video to see what happens!

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