How To Use A Massage Gun To Loosen Lower Neck Joints (& Shoulder Muscles)

This video shows how to loosen tight neck & shoulders with a massage gun… BUT it doesn’t just focus on how to relax neck muscles with a massage gun, it shows how to release the JOINTS at the base of the neck that CAUSE the neck pain, shoulder pain, & tightness.

0:00 Intro
0:44 Do this test first!
1:20 How to do Percussion Mobilisation
1:51 Step 1. Side Bending
2:16 Tips
2:27 Step 2. Rotation
2:41 Step 3. Flexion/Extension
3:05 Step 4. Protraction/Retraction

The underlying cause of tight shoulders in most people is jammed, restricted joints at the base of the neck. If you only work to relax the shoulder muscles with a massage gun, in many cases it will just come back. These spinal joints become stiff and restricted because of the hours of poor posture, looking at cell phones & laptops all day, and stress. Adhesions develop in the sliding joints of the spine, making them move like a rusty joint. This is what causes shoulder tightness.

Percussion massage with a massage pistol can help to loosen the joints at the base of the neck. BUT if you use the massage on the neck while MOVING the spine, the mobilization effect increases significantly. The key is to move through every plane of motion while the massager’s vibration does it’s job.

However, movement while using a massage gun not only loosens joints in the spine effectively, it also relaxes the muscles of the neck and shoulder very effectively too. Think about it. To help recover or rehab muscles, you usually move them lightly and repetitiously. Imagine doing that while vibrating the contracted muscle fibers.

So, whether you have a Theragun, Hyperice, Hypervolt, a Oyeet Nex massage gun, a Lifepro, Oprove m3 pro, or a good old Bob and Brad massage gun, this technique will relax and loosen your neck and shoulders much more than a static massage gun technique.
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