How To Treat Patellar Tendinopathy (Jumper’s Knee) & Quadriceps Tendinopathy

Here’s how to fix pain in the patellar tendon just below your kneecap, OR the quadriceps tendons just above the kneecap, with exercises at home, or the gym.


0:00 Intro
0:14 How To Fix Patellar Tendinopathy & Quadriceps Tendinopathy
0:34 Should you continue to do sport?
0:51 The Maximum Pain Rule
1:06 Test to see which exercises to start with
1:27 EXERCISE 1. Isometric Exercises
2:37 EXERCISE 2. Eccentric Exercises
3:39 EXERCISE 3. “Heavy” Slow Resistance
4:39 EXERCISE 4. Explosive Exercises
5:19 How long does rehab take?


Both the Patella and Quadriceps tendons make up part of the quadriceps muscle, so the same kind of exercises will help both with both “Patellar Tendinitis” and “Quadriceps Tendinitis” (both are now old terms). The key is to increase the strength, or load tolerance, of the tendons… so in this video I show you how to do that.

While you’re doing these rehab exercises, you DO need to ease up on any activities that aggravate any pain… BUT don’t stop exercising completely. If you rest completely, the load tolerance of your tendon can reduce, meaning the next time you are active again the tendon is even weaker.

So try to keep active, but use this rule with any activity, including these rehab exercises: keep within a 3/10 pain range … (i)during the exercise, (ii)after the exercise, and (iii)the day after.

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