Hey guys thanks again for coming to my channel and watching.
Todays video is all about alleviating lower back pain. Some of us experience lower back pain from time to time from either a stretched (or tight) muscle, or from period pain, or even from a lack of stretching. Others experience more chronic and constant back pain. For both situations I would advise you to see your physician to make sure nothing is seriously wrong, and only under the guidance of a medical professional, perform stretches to alleviate that pain.

In this video I walk through 10 stretches I go through whenever I experience any kind of back pain. They are as follows:
1. Childs pose
2. Childs pose- extend to side
3. Cat-Cow
4. Thread the Needle
5. Downward Dog
6. Twisted Dog
7. Rag Doll
8. Extend to Side
9. Cobra
10. Supine Twist + Knee Hug

Let me know if you have any questions about lower back pain or if there are any other types of stretches you would like for me to go over down in the comments!

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