How To Release Your Own SI Joint …for Instant Gratification

Here’s 4 really quick techniques to self-release your own Sacroiliac joint for instantaneous SI joint pain relief. If you have pain or restriction around one of the bony lumps at the back of your pelvis, chances are your Sacroiliac joint is stuck. It can even refer pain to the glutes, the outer thigh, or the front of the pelvis. (Baer’s point) So here’s how to crack your SI joint quickly, at home, using 4 techniques (extension, flexion, a muscle release, and internal/external rotation).

Everyone’s SI is a little different, so try each of these Sacroiliac loosening exercises until you find which works for you. In a lot of people, the results will be quick—but if you have chronic, long term SI restriction, just do all 4 each day. It should loosen up over a week or two. If any exercise causes any pain or discomfort, just be sure to move onto the next exercise.

Just be aware that some people with SI joint pain actually have a loose, unstable Sacroiliac joint. If these techniques don’t feel good, or your SI feels a bit sore afterwards, you may need to wear a Sacroiliac Belt instead. (Very common issue in ladies that have been pregnant recently.) So, in this video I show you a quick test to see if your SI joint is a bit hypermobile. I recommend everyone does this test to be sure. It only takes 30 seconds or so.

0:00 Intro
0:20 Tips
0:44 Extension Release (2 options)
1:35 Flexion Release
2:04 Resisted Extension/Flexion
3:07 Internal/External Rotation
3:39 SI stability test

Tight, knotted gluteal muscles are often associated with SI joint pain too. So, check out my video on releasing your glutes to help make sure that your pelvic pain symptoms don’t come back.

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