How To Fix Plantar Fasciitis. THE 5 Step Plan To Fix Heel Pain

If you get pain at the bottom of your feet, at the heel or into the arch, especially the first steps of the morning, or when you get up after sitting for a while, this video is for you. Whether you’ve had Plantar Fasciitis pain for 3 days or 3 years, here’s the FULL 5 step plan to fix even the most stubborn case.

1. Massage the Plantar Fascia &/or roll foot on a deodorant can:
1 minute total, each foot, every morning BEFORE WALKING (or after sitting for hours)

2. Seated stretch of the calves (add the seated glute stretch!):
2x 20 seconds, each foot, every morning BEFORE WALKING (or after sitting for hours)

Stretch calf against the door frame (when warmed up):
20 seconds knee straight, 20 seconds knee bent, each foot, once a day (in addition to the morning seated stretch)

3. Calf eccentric lowering (on the stair):
2 sets of 10, once a day…
Raise: 2 seconds
Lower: 4 seconds
Hold stretch (heel down): 4 seconds
Progress slowly over 2-3 weeks to single leg version

4. Hip Flexor Stretch: 2x 20 seconds, each leg, once a day

If you notice that the muscles are particularly tight, target the two main muscles. Here’s the link with time stamp to take you straight to the right exercises. Just do whichever feels tight…
Rectus Femoris:

5. Gluteus Medius Strengthening: 10 side hip lifts each leg daily
(And don’t forget to stretch your glutes by sitting in a low chair with your leg crossed each morning while you do your morning seated calf stretch)
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