Do This Love Handle Workout Every Morning to get a Smaller Waist in 3 Weeks!!

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Since I got pregnant, I have been asked so many times for ab workouts, but i am unable to do most ab workouts as they are not good for the wee little one growing inside me.
SO! Here is a workout that i did often at home *before i got pregnant* when I wanted to see my waist come in more within a short amount of time.

***i love it when you hunnies track your progress in the comment section below! I love to see how youre doing!***

Of course, diet plays a huge role in making sure that your efforts are not all going to waste when you workout. To simplify my guidelines for eating to decrease the width of your waist, eat a lot (and i mean A LOT) of leafy greens, increase your protein intake to at least 1g per lb of body weight – per day) and gradually decrease your reliance on simples sugars and empty carbohydrates like bread, pasta, and cakes. If you need more guidance on what to eat, or are stuck in a bad pattern of eating, try my 5 DAY RESET PLAN ( a guide to reset your nutritional and mindfulness habits!)

The workout is 9 exercises done for about 20 seconds each! Here are my tips for the exercises:
1. Standing oblique crunches- you can use small weight to increase the difficulty and intensity of this exercise. Trying bringing your elbow all the way down to meet your knee half way and focus on squeezing the abs on that side of your body to feel the burn
2. Couch (or bench) oblique mountain climbers – support yourself with your hands on the couch/bench and bring one knee up as you twist your body to bring your knee again to your elbow!
3. Half Squat Punches- you can use weights again to intensify this move. Try to punch up but as you punch, resist the movement so that you feel a tightness on the side of your abs that you are punching on!
4. Quick couch (or bench) oblique mountain climbers (see #2) – this one will be quicker so use your abs to hop from one foot to the other and drive the knee up as far as you can
5. Couch (or bench) in and outs- sitting on the edge, let your legs hang off. Left your legs up and bring your legs into your chest at the same time, then reach them out. Take your time; you should especially feel the burn when your legs are out!
6. Couch (or bench) scissor kicks- again with your legs hanging off, lift one after the other into the air to contract your abs
7. Couch (or bench) bent knee half circles- with legs still hanging off the couch, lift them up and down into a half circle just tapping your toes on the ground.
8. Seated oblique crunches- seated, bring your opposite elbow to opposite knee to crunch your abs in a cross-like motion!
9. Seated Alligator crunches- extend one leg and one arm and while seated reach your arm to reach your foot, crunching when they meet!

Do this for 2-3 Rounds and you are all set for the day! Make sure to let me know of your progress as you go!

1. Spring Time by Larry Paz
2. I Was Suppose’ to be trappin” by Larry Paz


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