Do This Every Night To Burn Fat & Sleep Better

Evening workouts that are quick but effective are so clutch. Especially when you really wanted to get that workout in during the day, but didn’t find the time.

This workout is your chance to smile, vibe, let your dinner digest (try to do it about 1hr after dinner), and get ready for an amazing sleep!

I find that if I workout about an hour after my dinner and an hour (or two) before bed time, I feel the best and I sleep the best.

This quick HIIT will get your heart rate up, and will help you get into the fat burning zone before your day ends.

Make sure to keep breathing throughout and take your time with it!

Share with two friends if you enjoy this workout, and have a great night!

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0:00 What to Expect
0:21 Workout at Night at Home
8:44 Cool Down after Workout
10:09 Workout Complete

Sweet dreams

xo, Jo


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