Do These 8 Simple Exercises Daily to LOSE THIGH FAT (joint friendly) | STOP Chafing /CHUB RUB!

Are you tired of that extra thigh fat that sits on the inside of your legs? Have you been looking for a way to lean out your legs and see faster results?

This may be the workout for you!

While spot reducing fat is not the correct way to go about an exercise routine, focusing on a healthy diet and increasing the time that you are focusing on working out the muscles beneath the fat to make them lean and toned, will help you see quick results!

Need some guidance on what to eat to get lean? Send me a text and we can talk about some tools i have for you! 1-647-490-1160

** In this video I am 6 months pregnant, and while this workout is safe for me, I would always suggest for you to consult your health care provider for exercise guidelines ESPECIALLY while pregnant!**

There are 8 exercises in this workout that will be done for 30 + seconds each, and for 2 rounds!
1. Cross Jacks
2. Standing Lateral Leg Raise
3. Quarter Squats
4. Straight Leg Cross Over Donkey Kicks
5. Laying Leg Lifts
6. Laying Leg Cross Overs
7. Laying Leg Scissors
8. Quick Feet

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