Coming Out of LGBTQ | Wayne Blakely’s Testimony – How to Reach someone in the LGBTQ Lifestyle

What’s the contrast between Christianity and the LGBTQ+ culture?

On today’s LED Live, we have a special guest joining us—Wayne Blakely. During his teenage years, Blakely discovered that he was attracted to men and idenitifed as homosexual. While navigating this new identity, he began to find company among like-minded people in the LGBTQ+ community. As anyone can imagine, this was not an easy journey and led him down a dark and dangerous road.

At age 55, Blakely discovered the gospel and that Jesus wanted to have an intimate relationship with him. Since his conversion, Blakely began a ministry dedicated to helping others effectively reach people in the LGBTQ+ community.

We hope you’ll be inspired by his story.
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Our Mission: It is our hope that a more sophisticated awareness, and in-depth knowledge, of what lies at the “heart” of 21st century pop culture, will allow families and individuals to more clearly distinguish well intended authentic entertainment from deceptively crafted propaganda, which attacks the minds, confuses the senses and rips apart the fabric of society.
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