Beautiful Morphing Jewel Like UFO shot by Marc Brinkerhoff, Sunday, August 7, 2016

On Sunday, August 7, 2016, around 2:55PM, I was called telepathically to my living room windows to, “Come and Look out to the left.” When I did, there was only a blue sky and lots of clouds. I waited only a few seconds when suddenly a Spaceship (UFO) just flashed on to the left in the sky! It was jewel like and beautiful as I observed it with my binoculars. I picked up my camera and sent a telepathic “Thank you!”, to my friends of the Ashtar Command and Crew members in the ship. I heard Commander Alkron and my friend Balthon both say, “Hello!” back to me. (Balthon is the ET I met physically last August 10, 2015 in Central Park). As I took one picture, the Spaceship (UFO) started moving quickly East towards Central Park. I managed to get a few pictures before the Spaceship (UFO) went over a building and just teleported away! The last pink magenta image of the Spaceship was the final picture I was able to take. We hope you enjoy the sequence of images that Phyllis masterfully created in this YouTube video!

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“Adonai Vasu Barragas.”, from the Space Crews. (Which means: “Blessings always in the Light and Love of our Infinite and Radiant Creator.”)
Have a good day! ~ Peace & Light ~ Marc & Phyllis

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