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Hey Hunnies! Are you ready to build a nice and round bubble butt?

I created this workout for everyone who needs an extra challenge, and perhaps an add-on workout to get your booty perky and lifted. As an added bonus I have added in some exercises that will tone your thighs. Trust me they really burn!

This Florida heat got me really sweating during the workout! If you have the chance to get outside and do this workout, I think you will enjoy it even more! If not- just enjoy the scenery I have for you here. If you like the scenery, make sure to give this video a big thumbs up and comment below that you would like more scenic workouts!

*bands are not required, you can do this workout with your bodyweight or even add some ankle weights! All three options are still killer*

This workout takes a lot of control, so make sure that you are thinking about the muscle that is being worked, and try your best to focus there so that it gets the most amazing results!

These exercises focus on the area under your butt, on the side of your butt and around your whole butt. It will lift it up and give your booty a round and plump shape!

Do this workout on a regular basis and add ankle weights or bands if you like *not required* I did it and it was amazing!

Some of the exercises will be both legs while others we will work on one at a time, and switch.

During this 10 minute workout I would like for you to focus on:
Controlled movements
Engaged Abs
Focus on squeezing your butt and glutes during the entire workout
Don’t give up!

Let me know in the comments what you liked about the workout and what you want to see more of. Please leave me a like so I know that this it the type of workout that you like to do with me!

Workout Length: 10 Mins
Apple Watch Setting: Strength Training
Calories Burned: 85 *strength focus*
Intensity: 6/10

0:00 Butt Workout – grow booty
0:53 Squat Side Step (resistance band optional)
1:36 Sumo Squat (hold + 5 pulses)
2:16 Lunge with Forward Angle (back & forward) (LEFT)
2:56 Lunge with Forward Angle (back & forward) (RIGHT)
3:36 Curtsy Lunge to Kickback
4:16 Squat with Step out (resistance band optional)
4:56 Good Morning to Kickback (resistance band optional)
5:36 Glute Bridge (resistance band optional)
6:17 Fire Hydrants (LEFT) (resistance band optional)
6:56 Fire Hydrants (RIGHT) (resistance band optional)
7:37 Fire Hydrant to Kickout (LEFT)
8:16 Fire Hydrant to Kickout (RIGHT)
8:57 Knee Lifted Donkey Kicks (ALTERNATING)
9:35 Straight Leg Kickback Pulses (LEFT)
10:16 Straight Leg Kickback Pulses (RIGHT)
10:51 Encouragement + Booty Program

WARM UP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67eD2Y1lqO0&t=237s

DANCE WITH ME: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLG9XM5PzrT1eUy_R9xkiVfs9GNvwNS3Xz

COOL DOWN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4MHzjnSayc&t=193s


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