1 MONTH AFTER WEARING: Adidas Torsion X|Pros & Cons review

A month has passed and now I take a look back at how these latest sneakers faired against the wear and tear of daily usage. I recap on my first impressions of the Adidas Torsion X sneakers, my full review included a lot of positives and I mostly remain with that however a month has shown me more details about these sneakers that are worth mentioning.

The Torsion X model from Adidas is a great silhouette to pick up, right now they are sale which makes them pretty much a no brained to cop. If you want a super comfortable Yeezy 500 look alike flex then this is definitely a great way to go.

Watch the full video to see my thoughts of these after a month and like always go throw some support my way by subscribing and dropping a like.

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