What Causes Shoulder Pain & The SOLUTION.

What causes shoulder impingement, bursitis, tendonitis, and rotator cuff tears? They all really stem from the same thing—a lack of space inside the shoulder joint. The position of your shoulder blade is the key to fix shoulder pain. So, here’s shoulder pain explained and 3 simple exercises to fix shoulder pain for good!

0:00 Intro
0:26 What causes shoulder pain?
1:25 How can shoulder blade position help?
2:21 The solution to shoulder pain
2:59 EXERCISE 1.
4:03 EXERCISE 2.
5:07 So are Rotator Cuff exercises necessary?
5:42 EXERCISE 3.
6:26 Posture & shoulder pain

Video mentioned in this video: How To Fix Posture (Including rounded shoulders and tight pecs)… https://youtu.be/VmV4IN6EJQA
I had shoulder pain for many years, quite severe, and I was frustrated that rotator cuff exercises seemed to do nothing to fix it. So, several years back I dedicated myself to studying how shoulders work and how to fix my dodgy shoulder. I discovered that rotator cuff strains are more of a symptom that a cause. If our shoulder blades don’t rotate upward enough when we lift our shoulder, or the scapula angles too far forward, the space inside the shoulder joint (the ‘subacromial space’) is significantly reduced. (This is the CAUSE of impingement in the shoulder, the cause of shoulder tendinitis, bursitis and strained rotator cuff muscles)

Two muscles, the Lower Trapezius and the Serratus Anterior, are the key to fixing both of these problems. They are notorious for being weak and inactive. But if we can activate these muscles and strengthen them, we take a huge amount of pressure off all the structures in and around the shoulder. So here’s an explanation of how it all works and the solution to shoulder pain.
A video dedicated to Exercise 1… https://youtu.be/-2angJxxTPo

A video dedicated to Exercise 2… https://youtu.be/sBKRIbR0T5I
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