Transgender swimmers banned from elite women’s races – BBC News

World swimming’s governing body has effectively banned transgender athletes from competing in women’s elite races.

FINA voted to stop any person who has transitioned from competing in the events, if they have been through any stage of male puberty.

They are aiming to establish a new “open” category of competition for swimmers whose gender identity is different from their biological sex.

The new policy, which was passed with 71% of the vote of FINA members, was described as “only a first step towards full inclusion” for transgender athletes.

The former Great Britain swimmer Sharron Davies, who has argued against transgender participation in women’s elite swimming, said she was “really proud of FINA”.

However Athlete Ally, an LGBT advocacy group, called the new policy “discriminatory and harmful”.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by sports correspondent Jane Dougall.

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