Nike’s Space Hippie

Space Hippie is an exploratory footwear collection inspired by life on Mars—where materials are scarce and there is no resupply mission. Created from scraps, or “space junk”, Space Hippie is the result of sustainable practices meeting radical design. Each of Space Hippie’s four silhouettes provides a unique fit option. Traditional laces, lace-less and FlyEase. So there is a style for everyone.

Space Hippie’s Flyknit yarn is made from 85–90% recycled content, including plastic bottles, t-shirts and post-industrial scraps. From the upper to the outsole, Space Hippie 04 is made of at least 25% recycled material by weight.

Not only is it the most lightweight silhouette within the collection, it also has the lowest carbon footprint. Its ‘Space Waste Yarn’ upper includes about 85% recycled polyester – made from recycled plastic bottles, t-shirts and yarn scraps. A soft, Crater Foam midsole combines Nike grind with a blend of foams for stability and a unique aesthetic.

Nike is has created something pretty impressive with the Space Hippie Pack, i really enjoyed taking a look at this sneaker and i’m looking forward to seeing more from this recycled style of sneaker.

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