London fashion school Central Saint Martins and PUMA have teamed up for a “Day Zero” collection consisting of new takes on the RS-X³, Future Rider and Ralph Sampson Low. Designed by some of CSM’s finest students, the “Day Zero” collection is inspired by the threat of water shortages in the modern-day world, and uses bold iconography to hammer home the urgency of its statement

Puma explore the drought that hit Cape Town, South Africa, forcing the government to declare a “day zero” on which the city’s water supply would be cut. The collection has been crafted with stringent sustainability measures, which have reduced water consumption in the “Day Zero” collection by up to 17.4 per cent, depending on the type of product.

Im a massive fan of the Puma RS-X line up, this collaboration is a little different to what we have seen. In todays video i go over the story behind this PUMA & Central Saint Martins collaboration sneaker. All the good stuff including pricing, fit, Sizing and comfortability are all a topic in this detailed review.

Be sure to catch the full video to get all the details on this sneaker!

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