The 3 Ultimate Neck Hump Exercises… After 1 Year Of Trying EVERYTHING

I spent a year trying EVERY imaginable forward head posture exercise & found these to be the best exercises to reduce neck hump. The two most important components turned out to be stretching contracted joint capsules at the base of the neck and strengthening the muscles that retract the neck.

0:00 Intro
0:17 Ex.1: Towel Rolls with Traction
2:01 Ex.2: Sphinx Retractions
3:08 Exercises 2 Alternative
3:24 Ex.3: Shoulder Blade Combo
4:45 Test your Pecs
5:22 Test your SCM muscles
5:53 More you can do

If you try to stand straight to improve posture, say up against a wall, you’ll feel resistance in your spine between the base of the neck and mid-back. This is the tight joint capsules, muscles and fascia around the spine that shortens with “text neck” or “nerd neck”. The first two exercises were the best to loosen that soft tissue up to correct posture.

The second exercise includes a strengthening component to strengthen the deep neck flexors and other muscles that retract the neck. I noticed that while trialing all these exercises to correct bad posture that the Chin Tuck Exercises (Neck Retractions) were much more effective if the mid back was extended, so that’s why this one gets the nod.

Slumped shoulders and poor posture are heavily related. If you don’t include an exercise to improve rounded shoulders, there simply will not be enough strength in the supporting muscles of the shoulder blade to maintain good posture. So I combined 2 different but awesome scapula stabilising exercises to make the third exercise. A double whammy!

PEC TEST: If you Pecs are tight, they pull you forward into a hunchback posture, so make sure you test your Pec muscles to ensure it isn’t causing a kyphotic thoracic spine.

SCM TEST: When we spend hours with crappy, forward neck posture our SCM muscles (Sternocleidomastoid) can get very tight. It’s a common cause of bad neck posture, so make sure you test yours and starting stretch it to correct your posture as quickly as possible.
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