The Nike ISPA OverReact Flyknit takes on that need when the environment has complex problems that need sophisticated solutions, delivering an ultra-cushioned design. It uses a mix of the latest innovations and scavenged materials to provide secure and plush comfort.

Nike React technology is a lightweight, durable foam that delivers a smooth, responsive ride. Nike’s designers used data to place more cushioning where you need it. Fabric between the foot and the midsole has been removed, so you step directly on the React foam for plush cushioning as you walk.

In true scavenger fashion, the Flyknit on the upper was created with excess yarns. The result is a shoe that features “reused” knit patterns from other footwear designs. Each shoe’s colour pattern is dictated by the yarns used, making every pair unique.

The laceless design is coupled with a hook-and-loop closure for easy on and off. When the shoe is fastened, it gives you a secure feel that hugs your foot.

The Nike ISPA Overreact Is possibly the most comfortable sneaker I’ve tried on, the soft cushioning system is something you really have to try in order to fully understand. Nike has really been pushing the envelope when it comes to cushioning technology, especially recently with some of the high performance running shoes and experimental designs. This is definitely a sneaker to consider if you are looking for comfort and an interesting design.

Be sure to catch the full video to get all the details on the Nike ISPA Overreact.

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