Morphing UFO~Canon G10 Video by Phyllis & 2Ti Animation by Marc Brinkerhoff

This video is about Morphing UFO~Canon G10 video by Phyllis & 2Ti Animation by Marc. ANIMATION STARTS AT 1:14 MINUTES IN. CAPTURED APRIL 18, 2015. While I was shooting stills of a morphing UFO with a Canon T21 with 300mm telephoto lens, Phyllis started shooting the same UFO with our Canon G10 point and shoot. Even though she could not get as close as I could because the lens on on the G10 isn’t very strong, you can still see the way the UFO morphs. My 300mm lens let in a lot less light than hers which is why my stills look darker than her footage. Her video shows first and my higher res animation follows. The ET Crew showed up after I had prayed. This was shot in Central Park, New York City. Marc Brinkerhoff

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