I FINALLY Bought Everyones Favourite Sneaker!

What I’m Wearing:
Vault: https://glnk.io/mzq9y/elliotpagesneakers23
Featured pieces:
Nylon Detachable Pocket Pants – https://glnk.io/mzq9y/elliotpagesneakers24
All Over Logo Track Jacket – https://glnk.io/mzq9y/elliotpagesneakers25
Nylon Crossbody Bag – https://glnk.io/mzq9y/elliotpagesneakers26
Racing Team Varsity – https://glnk.io/mzq9y/elliotpagesneakers27
Frosted Grey Puffer Jacket – https://glnk.io/mzq9y/elliotpagesneakers28
Sherpa Brown/ Bone – https://glnk.io/mzq9y/elliotpagesneakers29
247 Fused Shorts – https://glnk.io/mzq9y/elliotpagesneakers30
247 Pants – https://glnk.io/mzq9y/elliotpagesneakers31

Today im taking a look at a bunch of my latest sneaker pickups, including a pair of sneakers everyone has told me are very good, well today I try to figure that out! Let me know what you think down in the comments be low!

My sizing info:
Height 5’8″
Weight 76KG
Tees Size M
Jackets Size S/M
Pants Size Small

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