How to Use a Percussion Massage Gun for Shoulder Pain Relief

Here’s how to use a percussion massage gun on your shoulder—effectively and safely. If your shoulder is sore or inflamed, you can still use a massage gun BUT you have to avoid the no-go areas, which I show you in this video. Relaxing the correct muscles can actually take pressure off the inflamed parts.

I show you how to use the percussion massage gun on the following muscles: Infraspinatus, Lateral & Posterior Deltoid, Teres muscles, Supraspinatus, Pec Minor, Upper Trapezius/Rhomboids/Lower Trapezius.

Here’s the important video I mentioned for anyone with chronic shoulder problems…
How To Fix Shoulder Pain:
(strengthening/activating the Serratus Anterior & Lower Trapezius muscles)


And this video explains The Key To Fixing AC Joint Pain:
(SC mobilising with stretch & tennis ball, good/bad sleeping positions, pec release, scapula stabilising)

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