Bullying and toxic culture at one of England’s largest NHS trusts – BBC Newsnight

Newsnight previously uncovered deep concerns about what was going on inside the University Hospitals Birmingham Trust, from allegations of whistleblowers being threatened, to the father of a junior doctor who killed herself saying the hospital had destroyed her.

The reports resulted in three inquiries being launched, the first of which, an interim report into patient safety, came out on Tuesday.

It sought to reassure the public saying the trust’s various sites were a safe place to receive care. But it warned any continuation of a corrosive culture there would impact morale, hit staffing, and “put at risk the care of patients”.

The report highlights the Queen Elizabeth hospital, saying there’s clear evidence that cultural problems persist there and require serious attention. 

Sir Robert Francis – the barrister who headed the Mid-Staffs hospital inquiry told Newsnight that, “patients will not be safe in any organisation unless staff feel they will be supported if they speak up about their genuine concerns”.

David Grossman and the NHS team speak to the Trust’s chief executive Jonathan Brotherton and the report’s author professor Mike Bewick.

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