Beautiful Gold ‘Y’ Shaped UFO Photographed by Marc Brinkerhoff April 10, 2016

Beautiful Gold ‘Y’ Shaped UFO Photographed by Marc Brinkerhoff on April 10, 2016 from living room window. ~ HOW THIS SPACESHIP APPEARED ~ I was telepathically ‘called’ to go to the living room window and look out and up to my left, and then suddenly the Spaceship Materialized in the sky! I looked at it with binoculars and saw an energy field around the ship.
The Spaceship appeared 15 minutes after I had prayed (also meditated), and telepathically ‘called’ to my benevolent ET friends and Commanders who work with the Asteron and Ashtar Commands around the Earth, Solar Systems and Galaxies.
This time, I was telepathically told that the benevolent ETs energetically ‘morphed’ or changed their dimensional Spaceship into a ‘Y’ shape in order to Symbolize their Reverence, Gratitude, Love and Devotion to Creator (or Yahweh), and to Yehoshua (also known as Jesus, Yeshua and Sananda on the High Light realms), whose Intergalactic and Universal Command they are part of in the Omniverse.

The interesting ‘Y’ shape also represents the metaphor of a ‘Tuning Fork’, or for us to start ‘tuning up’ our energy fields or auras. This Spaceship (or dimensional Lightship), was a beautiful Golden color, which the ETs told me telepathically they wanted to show us a color for Spiritual focus. We are to imagine, or intuitively ‘see’ a shimmering, sparkling ‘Golden Energy’ color around the outside of our aura (or energy field), that surrounds our physical body, which will help with ‘tuning up’ our cellular frequencies physically and dimensionally.

I could sense that Ashtar was not on this Spaceship at this time. I was also telepathically told that the ET I physically met in Central Park last August 10, 2015 (whose name is Balthon), was on the Spaceship. Also, on the ship was one of Ashtar’s Commanders who works around the East Coast named Alkron. I am friends with Commander Alkron and Balthon (who is a Guidance Transport System Pilot), through Soul Travel (which is beyond out-of-body experiences). During Soul Travel I work at times in my Higher Self~Oversoul True Form on the different dimensional teaching Spaceships that are around the Earth. I also work on some of the Giant Arcvanna Spaceships beyond the Earth dimensions, that are over the 12th to 22nd dimensional frequencies of Light and beyond. Some of the Giant Arcvanna Spaceships in Deep Space are larger then planets like Jupiter and we call them our true ‘Home’ after we leave our physical bodies on dense 3D and low Etheric planets.

I can usually sense when the ETs plan to leave and that is why I take as many pictures in a row as I can. The Spaceships do not stay long in the sky around New York City. Sometimes they hover a while and then will just move, or suddenly flash off to another dimension and be gone! There have been times when we have seen UFOs teleport away and ‘flash on’ or reappear in another section of the sky!
After taking pictures for 5 minutes or more, I could telepathically hear my friend Alkron say, “We are leaving very soon. We love you both. Adonai Vasu Barragas.” Phyllis and I watched the Golden Spaceship flash 3 times and slowly dematerialize before our eyes. The benevolent ETs (who are my friends and space family), have always used the numbers 3, 11, 12, 22 and 33, as ‘Signs’ for me since I was a very young child. My first onboard physical encounter was when I was 5 years old.

I felt I needed to explain all of this to help people who are doubting that this is a dimensional Spaceship from my benevolent ET friends. Sometimes we just have to be open and climb out of our self imposed ‘Reality Boxes’ (as my close friend Ingo Swann used to say), and look with an open mind at what is possible.

One of my best friends who was a Galactic ET in soul, Bryce Bond, used to say at the end of his cable TV show ‘Dimensions in Parapsychology’…”To those who believe, no explanation is needed. To those who do not believe, no explanation is possible.”

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